Maintain Business Continuity with our Data Backup and Recovery Services

It's important to implement a data & system recovery solution as part of a concise business continuity plan.

There was a time where companies required steel filing cabinets to store information. That time is long gone. In today's world, technology is a key aspect to all parts of your business. 

More Frightening Than a Hurricane....

The #1 culprit of system downtime is human error.

 Downtime is real, and it's cosly, and businesses need to plan for it. What causes downtime? As it turns out, businesses should be more wary of their own employees than of natural disasters. Although hurricanes and the like do their fair share of damage, research shows that natural diasters account for just 10 percent of downtime. The leading culprits? Network outages (50 percent) and human error (45 percent).

If you've been putting off protecting your data because you consider your business is in a safe zone, you need to realize that it's more likely that a server will malfunction or that someone will hit the delete key than anything Mother Nature could throw at you. No business can afford to be complacent.    


 Data Backup Versus Business Continuity: What's the Difference?

Although overlapping, these terms represent uniquely different mindsets when it comes to data protection.

Data backup answers the questions is my data safe? Can I get it back in case of a failure? Business continuity, on the other hand, involves thinking about the business at a higher level, and asks how quicky can I get my business operating again in case of system failure?

Thinking about data backup is a good first step. But in case of failure, you have to get that data back and restore it quickly so your business doesn't suffer. Direct Technology Group will help you with a complete backup data and business continutity plan that ensures your company can recover data quickly and your  business operaties with minimual downtime.


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